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February 10th, 2007

(no subject)

Read more...Collapse ) No more time =(

Meh and Apologies

So, I've been terrible at keeping this even vaguely updated, but now I'm temporarily closer to the library ( my mum kicked me out so I'm crashing at a mates) I'll try over the next few days to catch up from my last ACTUAL entry (i.e. the ones that are more than just a few words) to the last few days. But for now, I'm sleepy and I'm going to find pictures of pretty people and things to cheer myself up. Because I'm allowed. =D

December 8th, 2006


Lost my internet acsess =(
Am at the library.
So even though I didn't update all that regularly, I won't be updating much for a while.
Until I get a job =/

July 18th, 2006

(no subject)

Stacey keeps taking the piss because my mums a lesbian, and she seems to think I don't mind, when It pisses me off. for one thing it's nothing to do with her, and another, she hasn't got any right telling other people shit about me, not stuff like that.
Plus she wouldn't give me a single cigarette until she didn't have any, then she demanded at least twos on all my fags, and she had the last of my tobacco.
I don't think I like her as much as I used to.
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